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Your mind is just too busy to sit still for extended periods of time.

Let me tell you something my friend, join the club. Millions of people all across the planet suffer from the syndrome “I-Can’t-Sit-Still-itis”. We live in a society that has us over-stimulated on every level…cell phones, iPads, computers, tvs, billboards, car radios and the list goes on. It’s no wonder you can’t quiet your mind and sit still for any period of time.

That’s why we’re going to start you with baby steps. I’m not going to ask you to sit for 10, 20 or 30 minutes when you first begin. That’s like asking someone who struggles to drink one glass of water a day, to drink in excess of eight glasses a day. That’s a recipe for failure. Your body and your mind would rebel against this.

To find success, you would encourage the person to begin by drinking perhaps 3 glasses a day, then slowly increasing the amount as they found comfort. Likewise, since you’re probably struggling to sit still at all, I’m simply going to ask you to meditate for only 180 seconds a day. That’s right, 180 seconds a day! Once you realize, “Hey, I can do this!”, naturally and gradually you may begin to add time.

Get ready, I am about to show you a very unique and doable approach for beginning to meditate.

You can’t fit it into your already super busy schedule.

Listen, these days, if you’re anything like me, you’ve got a gazillion things that seem to demand your time. If it’s not one thing, it’s another. The crazy thing, is that today, our society makes us feel like we’ve always got to be doing, doing, doing.

At some point, though, if you’re always doing, doing, doing, and going, going, going…you’re going to hit a breaking point. I know I certainly did!

Each and everyone of us, myself included can find 3 minutes a day to meditate…it’s that simple. I’m here to tell you from personal experience, it’s imperative that you do. Your life depends on it.

Here’s the truth though (just in case you think it’s a waste of time), simply by taking a few short minutes a day to sit and be still, to refuel yourself, you will become that much more productive and present when you’re doing what you’re doing, whether it’s working, playing, studying, or loving 🙂

You’ll discover the most efficient and effective way to get the most out of your meditation time.

You want to start meditating but don’t know how and don’t want to spend lots of money to learn.

You’ve probably heard it said before, but it’s the starts that stop people. Just breaking the inertia that keeps us from getting from where we are to where we hope to be is very challenging for just about everybody. Truthfully there is a ton of information out there about how to begin meditating, it’s just that a lot of it can be confusing and/or expensive.

It’s time to put an end to this, let’s get you off the blocks!

As it relates to getting into the wonderful world of meditation, if you’re tired of feeling like you’re spinning your wheels and getting nowhere fast, then keep reading and you will find the SOLUTION you have been longing for. It’s easy to understand, simple to do and super inexpensive!

I want to let you know that all of the above barriers are NOT YOUR FAULT, BUT YOU NEED TO SET THE GAME UP TO WIN!

And you don’t need to be a spiritual aspirant, monk or mystic to get it.

YOU are capable of doing this! I doubted myself when I first started as well. But I finally figured out what I was doing wrong.

Once I learned the proper way to really meditate and create stillness of mind and body, I became doubtless.

Now I get to share it with you.

YOU can have the peace of mind you have always wanted. Believe in yourself and just follow what I am about to show you.

Follow it to the exact letter and I guarantee you will be on your way to a life filled with peace, positivity, vitality and connectivity.

These 3 barriers are STOPPING you from getting the life you’ve been longing for. It’s time to make a change.

I’ve created a NEW cutting-edge version of my practice, what I call 3-Minute Meditations. They are for beginners or folks short on time. They are super-short, super-simple, uncomplicated introductions to the art and science of meditation. With these breakthrough methods, you’ll be well on your way to getting all the benefits of meditation while sitting about 1/10th of the time of other programs.

3-Minute Meditations is guaranteed to lead you to incredible results. And the best part is it only takes 180 seconds a day.

3-Minute Meditations is built around 9 guided audio meditations/visualizations systematically utilized throughout the four weeks. These include Intentional, Oneness, Contemplative, Existential, Mantra, Forgiveness, Mindfulness, Heart & Healing meditations/visualizations.

With a simple, intentional, easy-to-implement practice, you’ll witness an increase in peace, joy & gratitude and a decrease in stress, anxiety & overwhelm in your life.

I’ve written a book called 3-Minute Meditations where I simplify and demystify the life-changing transformational technology of mediation and I’ve made it doable for everybody.

In this 32 page primer on the 2500 year old practice of meditation, you’re going to learn what meditation is, the 3 different categories of meditation, the 12 top effects you’ll experience, the 4 different types of brain waves and how to access them, the 3 keys to success.

Within the book I’ve created a 28-Day Meditation Challenge where I ask you, the reader, to sit and meditate using the techniques I provide, for just 3 minutes a day for 28 days straight. That’s right you heard me correctly, just 3 minutes a day!

Sound like something you can do? I bet it does! And I’m quite confident that if you do, you’ll be hooked and you will be taking your first step on the journey of a lifetime.

If you’ve ever wanted to meditate, this is your opportunity to get in the game, my friend.

Because you have chosen to take action today, your order includes 9 follow-along, guided AUDIO meditations, which are systematically practiced during the 28-day meditation challenge contained within the 3-Minute Meditations book. These are quick and easy audios with relaxing, soothing music in the background. They include Intentional, Oneness, Contemplative, Existential, Mantra, Forgiveness, Mindfulness, Heart & Healing meditations/visualizations.

You can download them as mp3s so you can listen to them anywhere… at home, in your car, when you’re on a run, or in between getting your coffee and getting to the office. All you have to do is push play and get in the flow!

In component 3, the Joyful Living Journal, you’ll have the opportunity to consciously cultivate more gratitude and joy in your life over the course of 28 Days.

This is the perfect companion to the 28-Day meditation challenge you’ll go through in the 3-Minute Meditations book.

…where you will be engaged mentally, emotionally, spiritually, or physically. Additionally, each day will provide you with 2 thought-provoking questions for you to ponder and write about.

All of this is done to afford you the opportunity to get to know YOU better than you ever imagined. From this space of self-awareness, you will be better able to begin living a joyful, grateful life.

When it comes to meditating, there are certain practices you can do BEFORE you begin that will greatly increase your chances of enjoying the experience. In these 2 videos Adam Michael Brewer gives you insider secrets for meditation success.

Video 1 – Finding your spot to meditate and relaxation exercises

Video 2 – How to sit to meditate

Ready to sit longer than 3 minutes? Then this is what you’re looking for.

An additional 10-guided audio meditations of extended lengths where Adam Michael Brewer leads you through four 5-minute Mindfulness Meditations, three Intentional Meditations (5 min, 10 min & 15 min) and three Oneness Meditations (5 min, 10 min & 15 min).

That’s an additional 2 HOURS worth of guided audio meditations!

“Adam!!! I want to share my immense gratitude to you for sharing 3 Minute Meditations and the 28 Day Meditation Challenge. I have been meditating for years, but NEVER consistently. Now, by putting into practice a daily 3 minute meditation, I am able to meditate daily, sometimes multiple times daily, and often for longer amounts of time. Shifts in perspective, peace of mind, and HUGE new opportunities are entering my life… MIRACLES!

Meditation is such an important spiritual tool and I feel like you’ve given me such a huge gift. I’m forever grateful.…AMAZING!!! THANK YOU!!! I AM BBD!”

“3 Minute Meditations provided an easy to follow introduction to meditation. Adding three minutes of meditation to my routine has been relaxing, energizing, and grounding. It has become regular part of my day that I will enthusiastically continue.

I would highly recommend it for anyone looking for a systematic method of learning to implement daily meditation. Amazing how just three minutes of meditation can be so energizing! Ready to go workout! Thank you for including me, Adam!”

Julie R. Schulte, MA, CCC-A

“Thank you Adam for giving me just what I needed to start a meditation practice. I have heard and read for years about the benefits of meditation, but always found excuses not to try, or would try and not stay consistent. When I read about the 3 minute format, I thought to myself, “now that’s something can do”. Within the first week I was naturally craving to sit longer, and am now meditating daily. Something I have always wanted to do for myself, I am now doing.

I have developed a daily ritual I look forward to which nourishes me. I truly see the value in developing this practice even more deeply, and you were just what I needed to get started. Thank you again! Namaste.”

“As a freelance television producer working sometimes 60+ hours a week while juggling my teenage daughter’s schedule and trying not to neglect my husband, my days are almost always stressful! So when Adam offered the 28-day-meditation challenge to sit for three minutes a day, I seized the opportunity to incorporate the practice into my life.

I am thrilled to report that during the challenge, I was better able to deal with tense situations and difficult people. My anxiety levels have most definitely dropped (see ya Xanax). Once the challenge ended, I have continued my practice and extended my meditation time. I would highly recommend Three Minute Meditations to anyone who is interested in exploring meditation but isn’t sure how to begin – the practice has truly added value to my life (and by extension, the lives I touch on a daily basis). Having Adam as my guide into this practice has been a real blessing, and I believe that his unique perspective and approach has the potential to so many people who, like me, find themselves overwhelmed by the demands of the multi-tasking, fast-paced world in which we live.”

“The depth of my gratitude is simply boundless. Today was day 28 of the 28 day meditation challenge for me. I have practiced various forms of meditation, prayer, chanting since the mid to late 80’s and where I have always struggled was keeping a daily practice truly daily for more than a few weeks. The 3 minute meditations made it so easy for me to really commit this time. I love having the various guided meditations. I love setting my intention and creating a field of gratitude.

I have had more sustained peace and joy over the past 28 days than I can really ever remember. Or maybe simply I have come to know a greater depth of the peace and joy and gratitude and it stays with me throughout the day. When it doesn’t, I simply give myself the time to use the tools from this program to center myself again and come back to that attitude of gratitude. As I celebrate completing the 28 day challenge, I also look forward to sustaining my practice and continuing on the path of spiritual progress, health, healing and happiness.

I’ve heard it said that at the moment of commitment, the entire Universe conspires to assist you. My thanks to the Universe for bringing me to this program. Adam, this was exactly what I needed. Thank you!”

“I recently finished my 28 day challenge and all I can say is how appreciative I am for having been given this most amazing gift. I feel so much calmer and more connected than I ever have. I have also been dealing with a lot of emotional turmoil lately – aging and ill parents that could send anyone into a tailspin, but with the tools Adam has provided, I have been able to keep calm, breathe and move forward without losing it!

Thank you Adam for blessing me with a gift I didn’t even know I needed or wanted. I am so grateful to have met you and I look forward to learning and growing with your guidance and support. I am actually going to do the challenge again using the guided meditation-excited to see where that takes me!!”

“As a 46 year old trying to balance work and family life, I found the 3 minute meditation to be a great stress reliever. 3MM provides big impact for such a small commitment of time and is very easy to do. I recommend it for anyone who is looking to improve the quality of their lives.”

“The 3 Minute Meditations book takes you thru a 28 day journey, enveloping the core of all things life has to offer, opening our minds into accepting all the goodness there is within ourselves and others. You can do these 3 minute meditations anywhere at anytime with ease. These 3 minutes a day can really change your life!”

“Before I even go into my kitchen in the morning —before I enter the chaos and look at my schedule for the day, I stay in my room and do my 3 minutes of meditation and it just seems to get me focused for my day—it energizes me and makes me very positive and ready take on the challenge. I try very hard to do it again in the evening and it just helps me to breathe out all of the chaos of the day!!

Thank you Adam for helping me de-stress!!”

“I tried both morning and evening and found I prefer the evening/night. I do it as a part of getting ready for bed and I find it helps me relax, unwind and sleep happy. Thank you Adam!”

“Due to my mommy and work schedule I have been using your 3-minute meditations in the morning, mid day or at night. Ideally the morning is best, but if it was a high intensity day, night is amazing to wind down with a 3MM. Mid day actually has been great for me too, if business just gets a lil hectic. It’s good to take that time to release and regroup.

My goal is to get it to the same time everyday as many days as possible. All in all its brilliant for me so far. Muah AMB!!! Thank you for this beautification!”

“I want to call your attention to Adam Michael Brewer. He has launched his ebook on meditation. The peace that is over this guy can only described as heaven sent. He is truly centered and has taught me through example how to ascend.

I can’t stress enough the benefits of meditation. It doesn’t take a lot of time and its not a difficult thing to do but his book will show you how. Please, please, hit him up and he’ll advise you how to join his group and obtain his book. – be blessed!!!”

Hi, I’m Adam Michael Brewer; meditation guide, wellness coach and mind/body specialist. I live in Santa Monica, CA where I work with celebrity clients, high-powered executives from the movie & music industries, super busy moms, dads and everyone inbetween. The goal is to balance their body, mind and spirit in a unique and individualized way allowing each person to come alive, truly thrive and navigate the often turbulent waters of life gracefully and gratefully..

I’ve been practicing meditation for the last 13 years and have been teaching it to others for the last 2 years. I can’t wait to share it with you too. Very soon you will learn the secret to living with more joy, peace of mind and greater vitality than you’ve ever imagined.

Q. Will this program work if I’m in my 40’s and 50’s?

A. Yes, the beautiful part about this program is that it works at any age.

Q. I’ve been meditating for years, just not consistently. Will this be for me?

A. YES!!! The real benefits of meditation are felt and experienced through daily meditation. I intentionally picked a length of time for the meditation that anyone can fit into their days, whether you’ve been at this before, but it didn’t stick or this is your first time.

Q. What if I already have a consistent meditation practice?

A. That is completely fine. Consider this another option for when you are time crunched… kind of like meditation-to-go!

Q. I’m not religious. Does this technique have any particular religious affiliation?

A. This practice is not affiliated with any religion. It is for anyone… whether you’re religious, spiritual or anywhere in between.

Q. Is 3 minutes of meditation really enough to get results?

A. Absolutely!!! Just look at some of the testimonials to hear about the results people got whether or not they had meditated before or had never tried it. The best part about it being 3 minutes is that it allows you to create a HABIT. What most people experience is that they eventually, if not very quickly, love the feeling and they naturally want to sit longer. 🙂

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All orders are protected by SSL encryption – the highest industry standard for online security from trusted vendors.

3MinuteMeditations.com is backed with a 60 Day No Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee. If within the first 60 days of receipt you are not satisfied with Wake Up Lean™, you can request a refund by sending an email to the address given inside the product and we will immediately refund your entire purchase price, with no questions asked.


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